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Kayo Sports Gridiron Field

Super Bowl On Sydney Harbour

A Gridiron Field floating down Sydney harbour almost sounds impossible, but in 2019 we demonstrated that we have the team to pull off an activation like this which had never been done before! Creating this floating Super Bowl field tested our capabilities but the outcome was world class even finding its way onto 60 seconds of Super Bowl live broadcast time…

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Mcdonalds Container Restaurant

Creating a portable and functional McDonalds restaurant with the ability of catering to high capacity crowds was certainly a project that tested the skill set and abilities of the 1800 For Promo team.
On top of the general challenges faced with a build of this calibre the timeline was restrictive meaning the project management had to be on point and often found our trades working on top of each other like something out of The Block!

Case study  -McDonalds
Case study Oporto

Oporto re-brand 2018

Rebranding a franchised business is no easy feat!
Working with Oporto‘s Marketing team we trialed a range of Portuguese inspired branding solutions that were experienced by customers during a trial…

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