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The recent COVID-19 outbreak has affected everybody in the world, it’s evident that no-one is safe from the virus and here in Australia we are seeing huge effects especially to the economy. 

1800 For Promo have secured stock of high quality, Australian Made Hand Sanitiser and are distributing and customising the stock at hand.

During this current pandemic there are many actions and precautions that each individual should be taking to help limit the spread and cases of disease. One massive safety measure is the washing and sanitising of your hands!

It makes total sense to ensure staff, management and everybody in the workplace has constant access to hand washing. Hand Sanitisers should be visible everywhere and a reminder that we need to keep clean to combat the CoronaVirus. 

By washing and sanitising your hands you are protecting yourself and colleagues from getting contaminated and ultimately helping to prevent the spread of the deadly pandemic we are experiencing. You should always make sure your hands are clean, especially when you have been in public space where the virus could be lurking. Limit touching your face especially during the outburst of COVID-19.

CoronaVirus is a disease that spreads from one person to another through human to human contact. The virus can live for at least 72 hours after someone contaminated has touched a surface. Contaminated hands are one of the easiest ways to spread this infectious disease. By washing your hands you are preventing the spread by killing the virus germs that cause COVID-19.

If you have been feeling sick and think you might have been in contact with someone who is contaminated you should at the least isolate yourself and enquire about getting tested at a CoronaVirus testing clinic. Seek the advice of the Australian Health Department

It is extremely important to ensure our economy can remain stable, we as business owners can assist by protecting our staff and customers visiting our workplace. yourself and others. 

Hand Sanitization and the Workplace Who Needs Them?

Health Care Workers, Sporting Clubs, Building Sites, Office Environments, Open Homes, Gyms, Food Courts the list goes on… The simple answer is if you want to keep risk at a minimum provide everything in your power to prevent the spread of the disease. 

You can’t buy this product in the Supermarkets or Chemists so don’t wish you moved faster…