How to Go Organic with your Uniforms

Going with Organic Uniforms is not the frightening undertaking of the old days, its actually very common so prices have reduced and premium garment options are regularly appearing. We’ve put some words together on organic garments and screen printing techniques that might help you with your decision to wear green!

In today’s world protecting the environment has become a top priority and the responsibility of everyone. We recognise the importance here at 1800 For Promo and make it our business to know all there is about eco friendly solutions for our promotional products and uniforms. 

In this blog we’d like to talk about uniforms and two ethically minded products that work together like peaches and cream.

Organic Cotton T Shirts & Organic Screen Printing.

For many years 1800 For Promo have been wearing Organic Cotton T Shirts as the uniform garment of choice. Organic Cotton has many benefits for the environment. The product uses less water  to produce and is grown without using harsh pesticides and chemicals which are harmful to farmers and production workers not to mention the effects they have on the wildlife and the entire eco system. For Organic our T Shirt of choice is the AS Colour Organic 5005. We love this product not just for the good it does but the fit and feel. This would have to be one of the most comfortable T Shirts on the market!

When it comes to branding your new organic uniforms you don’t need to go south and use plastisol inks for screen printing. These days we have the luxury of organic screen printing inks. Our print house is highly experienced in this field and you can be assured you are doing your part for the environment without comprising on print quality or durability. Organic Inks are non toxic, water based pigments with no plastic used in the manufacture. Beyond the environmental advantages these inks leave a soft feel in the fabric that is washable and can be ironed without releasing fumes that can be toxic.

Pricing for organic products is competitive. The AS Colour T Shirt for instance is an extra $1 to buy but the positives certainly out-way the additional price point. Again with screen printing organic inks the price is practically the same as traditional plastisol screen printing.

Why wouldn’t you go green for your uniforms?