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International Touring Sports & The Benefit on the Australian Economy Copy

The benefit and value of international sports in our communities and country extends beyond the sport itself. There is evidence of international touring sports and the role they play in delivering a wide variety of commercial benefits boosting Australia’s economic growth.

Sport can help increase economic success through providing many employment opportunities that contribute towards every day Australian lives. These employment opportunities provide a platform for skills and productivity of individuals and communities creating valuable and productive members of our society all contributing to our country’s economic progression.

Global Sporting Events Bring in the cash!

The Australian open commenced in 1927, since then it has been staged in 5 Australian states: Melbourne (55 times), Sydney (17 times), Adelaide (14 times), Brisbane (7 times), and Perth (3 times). The Australian Open event alone contributes around $300 million into the Australian Economy Annually. 

International Cricket since 1877 has seen 2000 test matches with 830 of those being played here in Australia. Indian visitors on average stay for 58 nights in Australia and spend approximately $5000 on their trip.

These sporting events have all helped the Australian Economy skyrocket through many different avenues. Australian Television networks stream live coverage of these international events throughout Australia and the world. This allows large broadcast deals with global partners spending their advertising budget with Australian companies. International media exposure (television, digital, press, etc.) can convey a strong positive image of Australia and our sporting culture to the world. This exposure is a huge boost for Australian tourism and can help small businesses generate work opportunities, creating jobs and contributing to economic growth. 

Australian small businesses contribute heavily into the local economy and provide employment to hundreds and thousands of Australians each year. Major sporting events provide a chain of being allowing broad employment opportunities and the event to run like clockwork.

Commercial Opportunities at events include but are not limited to Athlete Employment, Event Planning and Activation, Venue Hire, Event Signage, Security, Uniforms, Catering, Event Merchandising, Transportation, Tourism and more…

1800 For Promo is an Australian company privileged to work on aspects of sporting events hosting Australian and international athletes presenting them and their sport on the world stage, in Australia. Some of the events we’ve received economic benefit from include X Games, Aus X Open, Australian Open of TennisMelbourne Grand Prix. Some of the things we provide include Trophies and Awards, Event Merchandise, Event Signage and Onsite Brand Activation Infrastructure.