Mecca Bar Apron Embroidery on The Machine

When should you choose to go with Embroidery?

Embroidery is one of the oldest methods of decoration, it dates back to 30,000 BC and was originally completed using plant fibres for thread and bones as needles. Embroidery has come a long way since these early days but it still uses the same technique and certainly stands the test of time. Embroidery produces a professional look and feel, its durable, high quality and a long lasting logo branding solution.

At 1800 For Promo we are often asked by customers when should they use embroidery over screen-printing, transfers and so on?

The answer depends on a variety of things: It could be the Uniform type they want branding on, (t-shirts, polos, hats, business shirts etc) or the appearance of their artwork, does it have gradients in the design for example? or how many items need to be branded?

Really the best solution is to contact our friendly staff and find out what best suits your needs but if you want to tour the web we have put a few Q&A’s together that might help you with your decision

How much does embroidery cost?

As a guide average price is $6 for a logo size 60 – 90mm wide commonly used for front left chest with a setup cost of $60 per logo

Price can depend on the thread count which is based on the size and detail of the logo

As part of the set up with embroidery 1800 For Promo offers a digital version of the finished product. This is where you will see the threads and know what to expect when you receive your goods.

What artwork file is preferred?  Vectored PDF with Pantone colours for the logo so that the thread can be colour matched as close as possible. Embroidery unlike screen printing can be reproduced from a jpg image which is often a reason customers might go with this method. 

What Products or surfaces work best for embroidery?

Pretty much any surface a needle can go through can be embroidered if the factory has the correct and latest equipment.

Embroidery on T-shirts is not commonly recommended  at 1800 For Promo due to the logo “puckering up” T Shirts are often thin fabric and can not hold the embroidery well.

If the material is very thick like a polo shirt or business shirt and the logo can hold up on the fabric better and is recommended.

What Products or surfaces do not work best for embroidery?

Embroidery requires a hoop to stretch the fabric in preparation for the embroidery. 

The hoop gives limitations for embroidery. If you have restricted areas you may not be able to embroider. For example a bag pocket may not be able to house the hoop and in this case embroidery would not be the best choice. In this instance we might recommend digital transfer.  

The embroidery hoop can leave creases and marks but don’t panic it will wash away

Getting confused yet???   Call us ….or keep reading below…..

Does the embroidery last long?

Hell Yeah! Embroidery generally outlasts the garment, it’s very durable.

How long does embroidery take?

Embroidery generally takes 7  business days from artwork approval however in peak times this may change. If the order is very large, with lots of logos or it needs to be completed ahead of the average timeline we have a large capacity embroidery house giving the ability to perform miracles!

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog if you have any questions contact our friendly team otherwise stay tuned for the next installment…