Fleet Vehicle Signs, Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Graphics

Signage on company vehicles is a no brainer for any serious business owner. Whether you have a single ute, van or a fleet of vehicles, it’s important to have a visual presence while you and your staff are driving on the road.

There are numerous ways to brand up a motor vehicle and it’s not always a case of more is more! 1800 For Promo are not one of those companies that say you need to fully wrap your car if you want to get the best exposure. Complete vehicle wrapping is not for everybody there are things you need to know before you start re-colouring your motor vehicles such as caring for your wrap and warranties. It’s not to say that vehicle wrapping is not awesome and we don’t want to do it, just look through our gallery and social pages we’ve done some amazing transformations we have done over the years but know the process needs to be done properly starting with extensive vehicle preparation and then using the high end materials, installed by highly experienced sign installers which we are fortunate to have on our team! 

Vehicle Graphics are not something you want to rush into they are a bold part of any advertising campaign and represent your business on the road for the long term solution provided they are done correctly.

We start with our experienced sales consultants who have been in the signage industry for years. They will walk through several branding options and show you price guides so you know where the conversation is heading.

Once you have settled on a budget the Graphic Design begins and this is where all the fun stuff comes into play with vehicle signage. 1800 For Promo will work with you to find the best solution inline with your budget to display your branding so your fleet of vehicles stand out on the road and not be a Derek Zoolander only looking good from one side!! 

Some of the signage options we offer include:

Door Signs, Bonnet Signs, Windscreen Signs, Partial Vehicle Wrapping, Full Vehicle Wrapping , Colour Changing, Fleet Vehicles.

We can collect your vehicles direct from the dealer and by the time they arrive you’ll be looking a million dollars!

Be-warned: There are ways to bring prices down cheap cheap cheap when quoting signs on motor vehicles and signs in general. We are often presented alternate quotes saying can you match this. If the price is too low there is generally a reason we can find and we prefer to hand in this type of job as it’s not a good representation of what we do.

Things that can go wrong if you try to save a buck on your vehicle graphics?

Inks that fade, Materials perishing in the sun, Poor print quality , Inexperienced installation causing damage to your vehicle.

Trust 1800 For Promo for your vehicle branding you won’t be disappointed.